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Why We Move to Blogger After Yahoo Blog Closure

It is too sad to hear that Yahoo Blog is going to retire on December 26, 2013. Our old Yahoo Blog, titled ChinaFinancial, has been launched since May 2011 and will soon become history. Due to some limitations of this Yahoo Blogging platform (eg.: cannot edit template, cannot claim domain ownership in Google Webmaster Tool etc), we did not develop much content in this Yahoo Blog in the past.

Now you may ask, why we select blogger plafform (blogspot) over the other blogging systems after closure of Yahoo Blog?

Why We Select Blogger Over the other Blogging Platforms Available?

Although Yahoo Blog provides official transfer methods to Xuite (server owned by Chunghwa Telecom - CHT HiNet in Taiwan), WeShare (server run by local people in Hong Kong SAR), or suggests us to migrate to Tumblr (recently brought by Yahoo), we still prefer to relocate our blog to Blogger (blogspot) because:

(i) Xuite

Xuite is not our preferred option for our blog transfer, despite Xuite does offer quite good extra free web space for publishers transferred from Yahoo Blog (i.e.: Xuite does not count the original web space your Yahoo Blog should occupy into its free 2GB space for free members). That means you can get more than 2GB total web space in Xuite even you are not paid members. Only content generated after transfer from Yahoo to Xuite will be counted towards the 2GB free space limit. So if your Yahoo Blog originally occupies 1.5GB, you will get totally 3.5GB web space for free in Xuite.

However, Xuite is only a localized blogging platform owned by Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan and its blogging interface is in Chinese language. It does not fit very well with our English content and our expansion strategy for wider global reach.


WeShare is another official transfer destination provided by Yahoo Blog. However, similar to Xuite, blogging interface of WeShare is also in Chinese language which does not really fit for our expansion purpose. In addition, we see no customized option (e.g.: cannot add any Javascript code etc) currently available in WeShare, thus we think WeShare fails to provide the same set of functions comparable to original Yahoo Blog and is even no better than Xuite for us.

(iii) Tumblr

Tumblr, in our opinion, is a better choice than Xuite or WeShare. This Tumblr platform is quite similar to Blogger (blogspot) and it does allow publishers to edit theme HTML, claim sub-domain ownership in Google Webmaster Tool etc.

However, from our own research, it appears that Tumblr is better for multimedia blogs instead of content-rich blogs. Tumblr maybe good for image, video or music sharing but probably not for text-rich content sharing.

Another strange thing is: when we tried registering a test account in Tumblr, this new account got immediately terminated (even before we confirmed our email address). Although their support team responded quickly and reactivated our account on the same day after we approached them via email, we did feel questionable how long our blog in Tumblr might survive. We also doubted if we should spend our efforts on developing a high-quality weblog in Tumblr because the system might suddenly suspend our account some day later for no reason.

(iv) Blogger (blogspot).

We finally choose Blogger (blogspot) here, mainly because it is a global high-authority publishing platform and it supports well for our content-rich blog. Editing template or claiming sub-domain ownership in Google Webmaster Tool is also super-easy for this platform.

Moreover, Blogger (blogspot) offers high flexibility and freedom for publishers to tailor-make their own weblogs. It is also more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly as we can almost do any necessary modification (without much technical limitation) for better SEO by just editing template.

Last but not least, we are more familiar running with this blogging platform and it will certainly take less time for us to complete our blog transfer.

Although Blogger (blogspot) seems to be more powerful than that of Yahoo Blog, we still miss our original blog and followers there. We also feel disappointed that we are going to lose our web existence in a yahoo domain soon.

Anyway no one else can keep his yahoo blog domain now. So going forward, we will concentrate on writing more quality content here and enforcing our expansion strategy for wider global reach.

Let us celebrate together the new relaunch of this wikiFinancials Blog here!

Contact us

If you have any question or comment about our new blog here, please do not hesitate to reach us at

Thanks for your continual support to our new wikiFinancials Blog!


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