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China Financial Overview and Latest Progress

Welcome to our new wikiFinancials Blog, reborn at Blogger plafform after recent closure of our Yahoo Blog. We also decide to officially change our blog name to wikiFinancials, instead of ChinaFinancial in the past, to demonstrate our intention for wider global reach (not just localized for financial market of only one Asian country) and more aggressive blog exposure from now on. For keeping history of our website and better sharing of our original content, we are ready to start reposting our ChinaFinancial articles originally hosted on Yahoo Blog at this new wikiFinancials site.

Yahoo Blog Becomes History Photo

Our Yahoo Blog Becomes History

Our first Yahoo Blog article had clearly explained the initial purpose of establishing our financial website for over 2 years ago. Now let us republish this first Yahoo Blog post here:

Yahoo Blog Post#1

Original Title: China Financial Overview

Article Summary:

This article shall explain the main purpose of establishing our new financial website. At the end of this particular article, we also share a few external link(s) that should be useful for continuous studies on related financial topics.

Article Body:

Thank you for visiting this new website about China Financial markets. China, with a population over 1.3 billion people, has already surpassed Japan to become the world's second biggest economy. China financial markets in Shanghai, Shenzhen as well as Hong Kong are therefore going to be more and more important for international investors.

The purpose of this financial website is to help people around the world to understand more about the development of the ever-changing financial sector in China. Chinese economy is unique, not only different from that in Western countries, but also from other Asian neighbors like India, Japan, or South Korea. Understanding this uniqueness can help you to better manage your investment strategy for this country.

In the near future, this website will focus on the following red hot topics about Chinese economy such as: Stock highlights in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen; China securities and futures markets; China Consumer Price Index (CPI) and inflation pressure; interest rate hikes; banking system and credit control; risk of non-performing bank loans gave to Chinese local governments; insurance and fund markets; Chinese government monetary policy, fiscal policy and regulatory control; Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate; China exports, imports and trade surplus; fixed assets investment; cross-border trading; China small business and labor cost; Chinese currency (called Renminbi, RMB, CNY, or Yuan) appreciation and exchange rate; foreign exchange reserves; Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII); Overseas Direct Investments (ODI); local consumption expenditure; property market and housing bubble; food and energy shortage problems; unemployment problem etc.

If you want to discover more about China financial markets, please feel free to regularly read this website. If you think that this website is worthy of attention, you are also encouraged recommending it to your good friends. If you think it is not good enough, any valuable comment you may leave here for our improvement is welcome. If you think our website is a mess, just simply do not recommend it. In any case, we do sincerely hope you can fully enjoy this new financial website!

Useful external link(s)
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GDP Target
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Other Financial Targets For 2011 Onwards.

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